Monday, January 15, 2007

National Asian American Network Profile

SPOTLIGHT on Executive

Meet Navneet Singh Narula (Neet), an executive in Financial Services out of our Atlanta office. Aside from the fact that his name is an alliteration, Navneet is far from your ordinary high performer. An All-American scholar and athlete at Michigan State, he was recruited to play NCAA tennis with some of the nations best. As an analyst, he became a diversity lead for the Michigan practice, working directly under our Chief Diversity Officer Kedrick Adkins and today serves Atlanta’s Asian Americans Committed to Excellence (AACE) diversity group.

He has since been honored by Hillary Clinton as one of the youngest corporate executives for the ‘Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business’, awarded the Corporate Citizenship – Volunteer Service Award by Accenture, honored with the Community Change Visionary award by the Governor of Georgia, and recently famed with the Global Humanitarian Award by the Minorities in Business Foundation, and this is just to name a few things.

Navneet was largely recognized for his 6 month dedication to serving the community and world at large in the wake of recent natural disasters. He spent months and was instrumental in providing rehabilitation to the victims of hurricane Katrina by opening up relief shelters and providing free food services, his impact was tremendous as he gave three months of significant time in helping human life in the aftermaths of tsunami disaster and recently was in Southeast Asia to provide earthquake relief. With support from Accenture’s management, he used up his entire PTO, and dedicated many long nights and weekends – he served full time in these areas, all while managing his project and client responsibilities. Oh, and did I mention, that he has pledged to support 3 orphaned children from Tsunami, Katrina and India/Pakistan earthquake disaster by providing aid for education, food, school expenses?

Asked about what he gained from these experiences, he responded that he was given a new perspective on life. He remembered the words of Martin Luther King and shared “It’s a simple thing – Every single one of us can be great, because every single one of us can SERVE”. While most of us may be just alive, Navneet is truly living. He has realized that he has a bigger reason in life and that he is here to give back to the children and those who suffer in the world. Navneet has succeeded in his career and recognized his way of life, despite any differences in cultural backgrounds, he was able to contribute and help others, and define himself.

Narula said, “I am humbled for what I have experienced and truly feel a blessed man, I have nothing to complain about in life and I simply wish to give as nothing is rightly mine, I hope to become a good human being, some day."

He finds that Accenture offers so many opportunities to do amazing things, and encourages everyone to find their calling. He closed by saying, “Accenture is a great place to be at and we must continue to be different and stand out for what we believe is right. I am proud to be of Asian American heritage and believe we all can make a difference. We must go above and beyond because, to be exceptional in life, one must be the exception”.

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