Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MIB - Humanitarian Award

"Embracing Diversity Through Global Standards"
Hosted by Minorities In Business Foundation, Inc.December 10, 2006

Dear Mr. Narula:

The Minorities In Business Foundation, Inc. would like to extend a warm heartfelt congratulation to you, Mr. Navneet Singh Narula, on your selection for the bestowed “Humanitarian Award” at The Multicultural Prism Awards™ 2006. The Multicultural Prism Awards™ gala is an esteemed event that recognizes exceptional achievements by entrepreneurs and corporate executives in various categories, highlighting the exceptional visionary and inspirational work of minorities as well as their philanthropic endeavors in non-governmental, intercontinental, global, and multicultural relations.

This year we will share our vision with the world achievers, who are making their mark on global front by creating awareness of diversity and challenging all of us to go beyond our comfort zones. We are honoring those special leaders who are impacting the world through their talent, passion, commitment, work ethic, and integrity. It is these stellar individuals who have made an impact in the multicultural community that will take center stage and stand among the nations most prolific pioneers.

We are very proud to honor you with our special “Humanitarian Award” recognizing your philanthropic pilgrimage and humanitarian efforts in leading through the worlds biggest disasters. Your adoption of orphanages in South India during Tsunami, helping build schools and computer institutes to promote education during S.E East Asia earthquake, and leading with rescue efforts and opening of relief shelters in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is unfathomable and admirable. We applaud you especially on your lasting commitment of this non-profit work, especially towards the children of the world that were affected by natural disasters. The foundation also recognizes your business achievements and success for your outstanding leadership in the corporate world. You are truly a role model for all minorities.

The 11th Annual Multicultural Prism Awards™ will be held on Sunday, December 10, 2006 and will spotlight other notable achievements and successes for celebrities, politicians, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs who make strides in building positive international and multicultural community developments. The show serves as the primary vehicle for the promotion and recognition of corporate leadership in diversity. By providing a platform for the celebration of excellence in diversity, the Prism Awards allow corporations the rare opportunity to communicate their message directly to an audience that cares intensely about the subject.

We, at Minorities In Business Foundation, Inc. commend your eminent bravery and leadership in all of your humanitarian endeavors and are honored that the “Humanitarian Award” will raise awareness of minorities in business and further allow everyone to be inspired to help communities globally.

Congratulations again! We hope for a positive reply of your acceptance of the award by October 20th and would like to request you in advance to submit your complete biography for the committee’s review by Monday, October 30, 2006.


Cynthia Butler-Hayden
Executive Producer/Founder
Minorities In Business (MIB) Foundation, Inc.
11th Annual Multicultural Prism Awards

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